Welcome to the Japan Singapore Association's official site!

If you have ever lived or studied in Singapore, or if you are interested in Singapore,
the Japan Singapore Association is open for you! We are very happy you become a member of our Association.

The Japan Singapore Association

Siba Building Room 308
4-7-6 Shiba, Minato-ku
Tokyo 108-0014 , JAPAN
TEL: +81-3-6435-3600
E-maill: singaaso@singaaso.or.jp

About us JSA (The Japan Singapore Association)

A.How long established?

  The Japan Singapore Association (JSA) was established in March 1971 under the jurisdiction of Ministry of Foreign
 Affairs of Japan for the purpose of, on a goodwill relation, contributing to promotion of mutual understanding and
 exchange in various fields between Japan and Singapore. Then, JSA was fully privatized according to Act on General
 Incorporated Associations and General Incorporated Foundations which was carried out in 2008.

B.What is the criteria for membership

  Any corporation or any individual who agrees with the purpose of JSA can be a member of JSA.
 At present, members consist of many Japanese and Singapore corporations in Japan as well as Japanese entities
  in Singapore.
  In addition to corporate members, JSA have been backed by many individual members who mostly have
  experience of once working in Singapore. However, such members are increasing in number who, irrespective of
 working experience in Singapore, feel attracted to Singapore or have some sort of interests in Singapore.
 There are of course members with the reasons besides described above who are attracted by activities of JSA.

C.What are activities of JSA?

  Apart from publication of JSA in-house magazines and sending news-letter mails, the following activities are held
 in 2015 fiscal year (from April 2015 to March 2016).
   6th June  :Annual General Meeting of members
   20th June : The OB/OG alumni of Singapore Japanese School
   7th July   : Afternoon Tea Salon
   7th August 2015/5th February 2016: The alumni reunion in Kansai area who once worked in Singapore
   1st October : Meeting with executives of other area's Association
   6th October 2015/16th March 2016 : Golf gathering for Members
   9th November : Meeting with other area Association
   30th November : Members’ Get-Together
   13th December : JSA Choir : Yokufuen Hall in Suginami-Ku, Tokyo
   26th January : Entertainment evening of Comic story telling

D.Successive Managent of JSA

  As to the successive management, please see this table.